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Demolition Projects

Halls Construction Services

GRP Were contracted by Halls Construction Services to carry out a number of demolition projects on the former redcar steel works site on Teesside GRP carried out a number of R&D Asbestos Surveys, Asbestos Removal and demolition

  • The controlled demolition of Former Ferro Manganese Crushing Plant
  • The viewing platform on Metals Recovery Site
  • The Former Dispatch Office – South Bank
  • The Former Switch House – South Bank
  • The Former Pumphouse – South Bank
  • The Former Fresh Water Tank – South Bank
  • The Elevated Redundant Tank on Supports – South Bank
  • The Former Switch House – South Bank
  • The Redundant Substation – South Bank
  • The Former Pig Casting Machine Control House – South Bank
  • The Redundant Clevestone Garage Units – South Bank
  • The Redundant Substation – South Bank
  • The Former Maintenance Office & Welfare Buildings – South Bank.
  • Old tarmac plant
  • Chepstow workshops

NG Bailey – Leeds

GRP were contracted by NG Bailey to carry out the demolition of the former training buildings to make space for more car parking. GRP carried out the R&D asbestos survey prior to the demolition taking place.

Due to NG Bailey being a live site GRP carried out the remote demolition works on a weekend to avoid disruption and loaded the waste during the week. GRP left the site ready to be tarmacked by a sub-contractor. The demolition was completed as per the agreed programme.

Church Building - Croxdale

GRP were contracted to carry out the demolition of the former church building at Croxdale. Due to the close proximity of the neighbouring house the building had to have a scaffold erected to allow the building to be demolished by hand.

This was carried out very carefully while maintaining good contact with the neighbour to alleviate any concerns they may have had before and during the work. The stone from the building was recycled where possible and the contract was completed within 4 weeks.

Springfield Gardens – Houghton-le-Spring

GRP was tasked with the asbestos removal and demolition of the former care home directly by the client. GRP carried out the R&D asbestos survey prior to any other work commencing.

The building was close to the new care home and other residential properties so care had to be taken to reduce noise and dust during the remote demolition and crushing phases of the work. All the crushed hardcore materials were left on site for future use and the project was completed to the satisfaction of the client.

Cannon Street

GRP was contracted by Tom Willoughby to carry out the asbestos removal and remote demolition of the redundant warehouse on the VW Lookers site in Middlesbrough.

GRP carried out the R&D asbestos survey prior to work commencing. After the asbestos has been carefully removed the building was demolished and all of the building cladding and frame was recycled. The project was completed on schedule leaving VW Lookers with larger parking area.

Richmond House – Richmond

GRP were contracted to carry out the asbestos removal and demolition of the former care home by Randall Orchard Construction. The demolition work had to be carried out with care due to the close proximity of the residential properties and main road with an emphasis on dust suppression.

The demolition of the building was required to make space for new houses. The stone from the property was recycled where possible and the other hardcore was crushed on site ready to be used during the construction phase of the project. The demolition phase of the project was carried out within eight weeks as per the programme.

Oswin Grove – Gilling West

Following the flooding of the care home GRP were contracted by Broadacres Housing Association to carry out the demolition and asbestos removal on the now redundant care home.

Care had to be taken due to the close proximity of the residential properties on one side of the property and the water course on the other side. Waste and all plant could only be stored on the higher ground on the south side of the site to avoid it being carried away should the land flood again.

Dust suppression techniques were used to stop dust affecting the residents especially during the crushing of the hardcore which was stockpiled on site for future use. The contact was completed within 12 weeks.

Arriva Bus Depot – Richmond

GRP were tasked with the asbestos removal, demolition and redundant tank removal from the Bus Depot by Broadacres Housing Association. The demolition of the building took place near residential properties and a busy road.

The cement asbestos cladding was removed carefully first before the removal of the portal frame structure. The concrete slab was broken out and crushed on site ready to be used in the construction phase of the work by RBA Moody (Bros) Contractors. The contents of the redundant fuel tanks had to be WAC tested to check what substances they still contained as well as the surrounding soil due to suspicions that the tanks may have leaked slightly. Hydrocarbons were found to have leaked into the soil so it had to be removed from site and disposed of at registered waste disposal site. The holes were then refilled with clean recycled hardcore ready for the construction phase to begin. The contract was completed on time.

Whitby Lifeboat Station

Working against the tide GRP were set the challenge of demolishing the Lifeboat Station in the seaside town of Whitby by contractors John Martin Nuttall (part of the Bam Nuttall Group).

The Lifeboat Station had been named the busiest in the North by RNLI so there was no room for error.

Whitby Lifeboat Station Demolition East Coast
Whitby Demolition Refurbishment Asbestos Survey

With no access available from land, utilising cranes, excavators and barges GRP demolished the structure in the only manner they know how, safely & efficiently.

GRP carried out the Type 3 (now a Demolition/Refurbishment) Asbestos Survey prior to works commencing.

The project was completed in 3 weeks, making way for John Martin Nuttall to complete construction of the new £1m Lifeboat Station.

Stocks Blocks Leeds

GRP was appointed main contractor by Stocks Blocks, part of Thomas Armstrong Group to safely dismantle block making plant including mixers, finger carts, stacking machines and silos ready for export.

In addition GRP carried out licensed removal of asbestos insulation board (AIB) in accordance with the HSE regulations.

Demolition Dismantling Leeds Yorkshire Asbestos
Stocks Blocks Leeds Demolition Recycling

GRP dismantled portal frame buildings for resale and demolished a variety of structures including concrete ovensand a 30m steel chimney.

The project was completed in a 12 week duration.

Springfield Works Mill Guiseley

GRP completed the hand demolition of a 100ft chimney and subsidiary buildings using mechanical excavators at the former Springfield Works Mill, Guiseley for Chartford Homes.

Springfield Mill Demolition Hand Demolition
Hand demolition excavator GRP West Yorkshire

Retrictions were enforced due to live railway line which ran adjacent to the site and surrounding residential buildings.

GRP recycled all timber waste, brick and hardcore to maintain efforts to minimise the production of waste and landfill materials.

Fenton Service Station Rotherham

GRP were contracted to undertake the demolition of a former ESSO filling station for Fox Construction.

Works incuded the excavation, safe removal and disposal of the fuel storage tanks.

Filling Station Demolition Salvage
Filling Station Tank Removal Hazardous Waste

Working to the requirements of the client ESSO, our method statements hand to be meticulously adhered to whilst maintaining the agreed schedule.

The project was completed in 2 weeks, allowing Fox Construction to deliver the new Tesco Express store on time.

  • Various asbestos removal and disposal on the above buildings

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